Please do not link to this site.  Download the images to your own system.

1. Place the mouse arrow on top of the image. 
2. Right click (PC). 
3. Choose "save image as". 
4. A box opens up that has you designate a location to save to. "OK." 
5. It is that file that is "inserted" into documents.


1. Place the pointer on top of the image and hold down the mouse button. 
2. While holding the mouse button down, move down the menu to "Save this Image as..." and release the mouse button. 
3. Save the new image as a file on your Mac or on a disk. 
4. This file is what you "insert" into your documents. 

If you are adding gifs to a website, use lower case letters and no more than 16 characters.

Really good instructions are here.  From Aphids Communications.
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